How To Use Scope In Arma 3

You now own an Arma 3, so the next step is to increase your long-range shooting accuracy by purchasing an Arma 3 Riflescope. However, even if you have the greatest riflescope, attaching it might seem like a daunting task. You’ve done your homework on calibers and shooting platforms.

When you go to the range, ensure sure the sight and bore are pointed in the same direction. You also don’t want to settle with a skewed scope and have to start over. Yes, we understand how difficult it may be to get the scope perfectly mounted, so we’ve created step-by-step instructions to assist you.

Following the suggested instructions would assist to limit the possibility of mistakes to use a scope in Arma 3.

How To Use Scope In Arma 3

The Equipment Required to Mount a Scope on an Arma 3

The essentials remain the same whether you use a one-piece cantilever mount on an Arma 3 or standard bases and rings on a bolt-action rifle to attach the scope. However, before you begin, you will require certain necessary equipment for fitting the riflescope. Regular tools can be used, but they might harm the optic, hence we propose the following:

  1. The Hex Bit Item is a handy tool to have around because it can be used on more than only the Arma 3. If you don’t already have one, Real Avid sells The Gun Tool. The tool kit includes typical bits and wrenches for working on weapons.
  2. The Torque Wrench is required for attaching the scope mount to the Arma 3 platform and is an excellent tool to have on hand.
  3. The Cantilever Scope Mount incorporates a forward reach double ring and two sets of rings to accommodate Picatinny Weaver Rails.
  4. Bubble Level When installing a scope or rifle sight, you must use a bubble level to ensure accuracy. When attaching the scope, ensure the optic is completely level.
  5. Before installing the scope, use rubbing alcohol and cleaning patches to wipe all components.
  6. Gun Rest or Shooting Rest? Spend a little additional money on a shooting rest to set the rifle on, since this also helps to evaluate the accuracy of the mounted sight. You may purchase them at reasonable costs to use with both rifles and pistols.

The bulk of these items is likely to be found in your home. You can omit the shooting rest; however, it will significantly improve the installation procedure. Once you’ve gathered all of your supplies, go to the instructions below.

Guidlines For Each Step

Follow the steps below to install your scope to your Arma 3. Always remember not to rush and to be patient throughout the procedure. If you’re new to attaching an optic to a rifle, go slowly and precisely. You don’t want to get to the finish and have to start all over again.

  1. The first step – is to prepare the Arma 3 for scope mounting.

The most crucial step here is to ensure that your weapons are empty by releasing the magazine. To secure the gun, place it in the shooting rest or gun vise if you have one. Clean the rail, screws, and mount using some of the cleaning wipes and rubbing alcohol to remove extra grease from the components. Before you begin, use the bubble level to ensure that it is at the correct level.

  1. Second Step – Prepare to Install the Scope Mount

Place the scope mount on top of the upper receiver with the Arma 3 level in the shooting rest. Place the mount on the top receiver rather than the free-floating rail. This might place unnecessary tension on the tube.

Adjust the scope mount with your hand, being careful not to overtighten it. Tighten the mount with the torque wrench, paying special attention to the information that came with the scope mount. Each scope mount has a particular torque level, which should not be exceeded.

  1. Step 3-Include the Scope

Once you’ve secured the scope mount, it’s time to install the optic on your rifle. Place the optic on the mount and ensure sure the rings are flush on the scope’s surface. Place the top piece of the rings over the optic to secure it. The rinds tighten in an “X” pattern when tightened.

Do not fully tie them yet, and ensure that while tightening, each side of the ring has the same gap level. Once the scope rings are tightened, there should be a slight space available to adjust the optic. You may also examine the scopes of eye relief at this point in the procedure to locate an appropriate position for you.

  1. The fourth step – is to level everything.

Put the bubble level on the rifle tube’s smooth surface. This step is simple if you have the Arma 3 in the shooting rest, but you must ensure that the rifle is level. However, when you level the sight, make sure the reticle is aligned horizontally and vertically. You may do this by staring at a vertically confirmed target or doorframe with your level. After leveling the crosshairs, set the bubble line on top of the optic to ensure that the scopes are also aligned.

  1. Fifth Step – Completing

After completing all of the preceding processes, tighten the scope rings and utilize the “X” pattern to tighten the screws uniformly on both sides. Your Arma 3 scope should now be safe and ready to use.

What is Scope Ring Lapping?

Whenever you take your rifle to have a scope mounted, a gunsmith will lap the scope rings. Lapping is the process of sanding down the interior of the rings to make them even. This provides the optimum surface-to-surface contact between both the rings and the scope. The technique is not covered in the instructions since it is easy to go incorrect and damage the rings.

If you intend to fire at 600 yards, this is an important step that should not be overlooked. A scope ring lapping kit may be purchased, however, they are not inexpensive if you only want to use them once. Fortunately, many gunsmiths provide this procedure at a moderate cost.

Which sniper scope is the finest in Arma 3?

Just use M320. 408 with an SOS or an LRPS sight for long-range sniping, and the Cyrus with an SOS or an ARCO sight for close-range sniping. However, it is entirely up to you and your position. It all depends on the scenario and place.

Is there windage in Arma 3?

Windage is a hard business. Atrag MX requires you to plug in two types of wind. The wind data from the Kestrel 4500 is an “Up range Wind” because the wind is most likely just blowing near you. Mirage Reading can only measure “Downrange Wind”.

What scopes are compatible with Night Vision ArmA 3?

In ArmA 3, the NVS (full title: Night Vision Scope) is a light-intensifying ocular gunsight utilized by the BLUFOR, REDFOR, and INDFOR factions.

Are thermal goggles available?

Although action movie fans are already familiar with military thermal goggles, not everyone is aware that such gear exists in real life. Furthermore, it is frequently employed by the army (obviously), and it is effectively used for commercial reasons as well.

In Arma 3, how do you open the compass?

Hold down the K key while not gazing at the map to bring up the compass. You may also turn the compass on and off by double tapping K. You won’t have to hold K this way.

In Arma 3, how do you calculate distance?

If you’re using 3den enhanced, right-click on the first point you want to measure the distance from, then move your pointer to the second point and right-click and select measure distance.

Is night vision legal in the United Kingdom?

There is no explicit regulation in England and Wales forbidding the use of any optics. As a result, an image enhancing (night vision or thermal) scope can be lawfully used to shoot deer during the day.


We hope you find the instructions for mounting a scope on your Arma 3 useful. The most essential thing is to maintain the weapon and optic at the same level.

We urge that you double-check everything with the bubble level throughout the entire procedure for the best recommendations.

It is better to be safe than sorry and have to start again, as the adage goes. By following the procedures, you may make it easier to attach your rifle and start shooting at the range.

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