How To Put A Scope On A Rossi RS 22

A riflescope must be fitted on the appropriate air rifle and properly adjusted. Can novice recreational shooters achieve this on their own? We will demonstrate how to mount a scope on a Rossi RS22!

How To Put A Scope On A Rossi RS 22
  1. The first step is to mount the scope on the air rifle

First and foremost, we must determine the proper eye relief. Place your head securely on the cheekpiece and position the scope over the rifle to do this. Then, set the riflescope at a safe distance. The riflescope is then adjusted to the proper distance. Maintain this position in mind or keep the scope in this location.

Place the lower section of the one-piece or two-piece riflescope mount on the 11-mm scope rail or Picatinny rail, and then install the riflescope. Check whether the photo still fits at a glance for your own safety. Then, take the upper portions of the mounts and lightly screw them on.

  1. The riflescope’s reticle must be leveled as the second step

Following that, we must ensure that the reticle is exactly level. To do this, align the reticle’s vertical line against something that is 100 percent vertically straight. If you don’t have access to such a structure, you can hang a thread with a weight on a hook. Gravity will reveal the flawlessly vertical line when it is hung.

Place a spirit level on your automatic rifle to ensure it is exactly straight. Turn the scope so the vertical line of the reticle (crosshairs) is directly above the plumb line once it is level.

  1. Third, attach the sight to the air rifle

After that, tighten the screws on the sight mount hand-tight. You may ensure that the distance between both the upper and lower parts of the mounts on both ends of the riflescope is the same. The function would still be present if this were not the case, but it looks nicer this way. Adjust the screws repeatedly, up to a torque of 5 to 8 Newtons.

  1. The fourth step is to zero the riflescope after it has been mounted

You’ve already come halfway! Now, all we have to do is make sure we can strike something with the arrangement.

It is best to launch the initial shot at a target from a small distance. If the riflescope is fully out of position, you will not miss the target entirely, but you will strike it someplace. You may then adjust it in the proper direction.

You may achieve this by utilizing your riflescope’s elevation and windage turrets. Unfortunately, not all riflescope manufacturers use the same adjusting method. This implies that turning the elevation turret clockwise will cause certain riflescopes to shift the hit point below, while others will move it upwards.

Can a scope be installed on a Rossi RS22?

The Rossi RS22 can fully use the scope. On the main viewing area, the greatest magnification has nearly no distortion.

Can a scope be mounted on a Rossi r92?

It performs exactly what it’s supposed to do: it lets you attach a scope to your lever action.

Is the Rossi RS22 a nice firearm?

In terms of absolute precision, the Rossi has shown to be typically accurate. The Rossi is effective for shoulder shots and headshots at 25 yards (perhaps with optics). The rifle has produced four-inch groups at 50 yards with conventional iron rounds.

What magazines are compatible with the Rossi 22 rifle?

NEW Rossi RS22 Magazine 22 LR 10 Round.

Are Rossi firearms reliable?

It has shown to be valuable. It was a standard model, made of wood and blued metal. However, it fired nicely and easily handled my 260-grain cast flat point bullet hand loads. At 50 yards, it tended to concentrate the majority of those rounds in a rather compact circle.

5 Best Reliable Scope Mounts For Rossi rs22

How To Select The Best Scope For Rossi rs22

Choosing a sight for any firearm is difficult. Finding the perfect mate usually takes time and effort. You may save a lot of time by first reducing your requirements. Keep the following tips in mind while purchasing for a pistol sight.

Weight and load distribution

Weight and load distribution are two of the most critical aspects of a scope. If the added weight of the sight is insufficient, you will struggle to fully employ the weapon. Bring a lightweight scope if possible.

High-Quality Construction

Always pack a scope with a metal frame. It doesn’t matter if it’s an alloy, aluminum, or a mix of the two. Metal scopes surpass plastic scopes in terms of durability and longevity.

The Quality of the Lens

Bring no plastic-lens scopes. They are readily damaged and emit only a little quantity of light. Plastic lenses are an awful option for firearms like the Lee Enfield. The lens will crack as a result of the rebound. It will also perform poorly in low-light situations.


You’ve made a financial plan for yourself. When looking for a scope, don’t neglect it. It is usually a good idea to expand the budget depending on the scope. However, keep in mind your budgetary limits. It will significantly limit your options.

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  1. It’s good to know that it takes time and effort to find the right scope for your rifle. I’m hoping to find a scope for my husband’s Rossi. I want to get him one for his birthday, but I might have to have him help me find one that will fit.

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