About Me

Hi, I’m Ebert Alberts.

Welcome to ScopesHero.com! I’m the sole writer and creator of all the content you’ll find on this site.

I’ve been passionate about shooting with scopes, red dot sights, and all kinds of gun optics for years now. And during that time, I’ve learned a lot – often the hard way. I’ve wasted thousands of dollars on scopes that turned out to be duds, and I’ve also found some real gems along the way.

That’s why I decided to start ScopesHero.com – to help others avoid the mistakes I’ve made and find the best scopes and gun optics out there. I’m not an ‘ex-marine’ turned reviewer or anything like that – just a regular guy who loves shooting and wants to share his knowledge with others.

So if you’re looking for honest, reliable reviews and information on scopes and other gun optics, you’ve come to the right place. Thanks for visiting ScopesHero.com, and happy shooting!

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Why Is Scopes Hero Different?

I pay for each (and every) scope I review.

I never accept paid reviews, product placements, or manufacturer ‘contributions’. These contributions make the review biased.

In the case I ever accept a reviewer product (which is rare), I will disclose it in the beginning. And even so, I make it very clear to manufacturers that I don’t promise positive reviews

How Is Scopes Hero Funded?

Through affiliate links.

Here’s how it work: 

  1. You read my comprehensive reviews completely free
  2. If you found it helpful, you can click on my Amazon affiliate link to say ‘thank you’
  3. When you make a purchase, I get a small ‘thank you’ commission (between 1-5% on average) at no extra cost to you

How do I Test Scopes?

Note: This process is a work-in-progress. It may change in the future. 

Mount the scope: Make sure the scope is mounted correctly on your rifle or gun. A stable and secure mount is essential for accurate testing.

Adjust the settings: Adjust the scope’s settings such as the magnification, focus, and reticle to your preferred setting.

Check the clarity: Look through the scope and assess the clarity and sharpness of the image. Ensure that the image is clear and that there is no blurring around the edges of the image.

Test the eye relief: Test the eye relief by adjusting your head position and checking if you can still see a clear image through the scope. Ensure that the eye relief is comfortable for you and that the scope’s position on the rifle allows for easy and quick sight acquisition.

Test the reticle: Test the reticle by focusing on a target and checking if the reticle is precise and accurate. Ensure that the reticle is not blurry, and that it aligns with the point of impact when firing.

Test in different lighting conditions: Test the scope in different lighting conditions to assess its performance in low light, bright sunlight, or overcast conditions. This will help you determine if the scope performs well in a variety of environments.

Test the durability: Test the scope’s durability by firing a few rounds and checking if the scope retains its zero and accuracy after recoil.

And that’s all there is to my testing. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me.

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