How To Mount Scope on Ruger 10/22

We’ve put up a short walk-through for mounting a scope in case you’re a new Ruger 10/22 user or have been pondering about adding one to your rifle. One of the most popular is the Ruger Model 10-22. Today’s rimfire guns are 22 calibers. 

The top of the upper receiver of the 10-22 rifle features pre-installed screw holes for installing a rifle scope. You may install either standard mounts and scope rings or a scope rail mount to which you can attach a scope with tactical scope rings. The Ruger 10-22 target tactical model comes included with a rail attachment.

Always take the time to thoroughly investigate scopes and bases to guarantee that they will function with your handgun. This project requires few tools and takes very little time to accomplish. And when you’re through, you’ll have a terrific, fun new item that I doubt you’ll get weary of. Always aim a handgun in a safe direction and ensure that it is empty before working on it.

Mounting Procedure

Step 1

Pull it back on the bolt lever and turn the safety to the on a place to lock the bolt open. Using a tiny flat-head screwdriver, remove the four plug screws from the top of the gun.

Step 2

Loosen the four screws first from the top of the receiver with a screwdriver. Because the screws will most likely be exceedingly tight, use a suitably sized driver to avoid stripping the hardware.

Step 3

Reinstall the screws without compressing them after inserting the adapter into the receiver. Attach the mount on the rifle using the screws provided with the mount.

Separate the parts of the scope rings and insert the scope. Reconnect the rings’ halves but do not entirely tighten them. If you’re using tactical scope rings, release the retention rings at the rings’ bases, extend the ring retention brackets, place the rings on the mount with the brackets over the sides of the mount, and tighten the retention rings.

Step 4 

Start turning the screws by turning them only halfway before moving on to the next one. Rep until all four screws are torqued to 12-15 inch/lb.

Step 5

Release and retract the bolt handle many times. Let the bolt snap forward itself during this phase. This will show whether the screws are impeding the bolt’s mobility. The screws are good if the bolt goes smoothly.

If the bolt is slow or appears to be getting snagged on something, the screws’ length may need to be changed.

Step 6

Scope should be used once the adaptor is firmly in position and the bolt is operational. Position the scope such that you have enough eye relief and a crisp sight picture, and that the crosshairs look vertical and horizontally. Finish compressing the rings.

To correctly mount the scope and base onto the adapter, follow the directions that came with it. Take the scope to the range once it’s been mounted and zero it in!

What exactly is a 3/8 dovetail mount?

3/8 “Dovetail rails, also known as tip-off rails, are made up of two particularly associated grooves and are virtually exclusively employed on rimfire guns and air guns. 3/8 “Dovetail rails are a typical, standardized type in the rimfire industry, and they are inexpensive to mill into the frame of the rifle.

Is it possible to mount a scope on a 22?

A centerfire rifle sight with a 1-inch diameter works just as well on a. 22. It is simple to obtain a 1-inch ring that fits the 3/8-inch sight base used on most. 22 rifles, making mounting a larger sight on your rifle a breeze.

A Ruger 10/22 has what sort of rail?

The Ruger 10/22 Takedown includes both iron sights and a “Ruger” rail, which is Ruger’s version of a Picatinny rail.


I hope you found this fast installation guide of a scope on a Ruger 10/22 interesting and useful. Remember, once you’ve fitted and zeroed in your scope, don’t move the weapon or scope around like that. This might affect any changes you make.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy your Ruger 10/22 and its upgraded scope!

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