How To Mount A Scope On A Marlin XT 22

Scopes are now widely placed on rifles, shotguns, and pistols. A scope on your pistol has various advantages, including variable magnification, which allows you to zoom in on distant things, and “reticles,” or crosshairs within the scope, which simplifies aiming. Almost all hunting rifles nowadays are “drilled and tapped,” which means they feature factory-drilled holes in the top of the receiver or a built-in “Weaver-style” or “Picatinny” rail that allows anybody to add their optic.

Will 20mm Scope Rings Fit A Weaver Rail

What You’ll Require

When installing a rifle sight, the equipment required can be as basic as a properly sized screwdriver and, occasionally, a little open-end wrench. (However, this is dependent on the type of mounts utilized, and yes, there are dozens of variances.)

A bench-rest arrangement is an excellent method to mount a scope. In some circumstances, an Allen wrench is also recommended, if not necessary, to secure ring screws. (However, when installing receiver bases and ring systems, the whole arsenal of gunsmith tools is necessary.)

Steps of mounting scope on a marlin XT 22 are as follows:

  1. Repair the Rifle

Get a decent screwdriver and fix your weapon in a vice or equivalent clamping device in a pleasant, clean place with a comfortable surface to sit on. Loosen the screws on your front and rear bases, being careful not to let them fall into your weapon [if they do, fish them out]. In certain circumstances, you may need to remove the screws that hold your barrel in place so that you may slide the base down the barrel before twisting it.

  1. Lower the Front Sight

The objective lens is usually aimed at your front sight when you have a scope installed. You must unscrew or drill off the front sight if you wish to save that small bead of steel. Although this may seem apparent, many individuals overlook it and end up with a messed-up front sight.

  1. Rings and bases must be matched.

Screw your bases on firmly but not too tightly (you don’t want to smash your receiver), then align them with the rings of your sight. Taking your gun out hunting is a fantastic method to achieve this, particularly if you have a scoped rifle. Hold the gun such that your eye is just below the scope if you were to fire it. If you shoot lefty, for example, your right eye will be up against your rifle sight when you hold it.

  1. Bases should be attached.

Screw your bases on, ensuring sure they’re level with each other and the receiver [but not too tight that they smash it!]. You don’t want a base that’s normally lower than the one next to it since it will alter how all lines up with your scope’s rings.

  1. Locking 

Locking Molex offers a product called ‘Brake-Off,’ which is ideal for this type of task, but it’s not something most people have sitting around the house, so most people just use a dab of nail paint or super glue.

  1. Reticle Alignment

Now, while the rifle is still in position, align your reticle so that when you look through the scope, you see the whole target area. If you are using a hunting rifle and can see your front sight via your scope, look at a target and shift the weapon such that the front sight is on top of your target shooting point. If you can’t see any portion of your front sight via your scope (for example, if you have an AR-15 with no front sight), just put in wherever you want it to be, say 2′′ high at 100 yards.

  1. Change the Eye Relief

Now set your eye relief so when you look through the scope, you have a complete field of view [if it’s a huge scope] and your face isn’t shoved up against the stock when you shoot [this will hurt if there is severe recoil]. The simplest method to accomplish this is to sit down, secure the rifle in the position [preferably in a vice], look through its scope, and move about until everything appears to be in order. When you’re ready to fire, your head must be in line with or slightly behind the scope tube, not in front of it.

How do scope mounts function?

The rings encircle and secure the scope, and the bottoms of the rings are screwed to the bases. The Talley system is one of the most powerful available. Everything may be tightened after the bases and rings have been installed and the scope has been positioned.

Is it possible to mount a scope on a Marlin XT 22?

The Mueller APV 4.5-14×40 fits nicely on the XT-22 with the high-height scope rings. The space between the front focal plane and the bottom of the barrel is around 2mm, just enough for the front lens cover.

Can you set a scope on a wild rogue?

The Savage Rascal is a single-shot bolt action rifle aimed at young people. This is an excellent single-shot rimfire rifle for introducing children to shooting sports. With our one-piece base, you may add a contemporary sight to your Savage Rascal. 22 long rifles.


Finally, always shoot a group of at least three rounds to double-check the impact accuracy of your bullet. Also, don’t be surprised if someone else shoots your gun and reaches a different zero point. Even with textbook instruction, we all shoot a little differently. What is your zero is yours.

Hope this guide helps you to give the best instructions on how to mount a scope on a martin XT 22. Have fun!

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