How To Mount Scope on Marlin Model 60

The Marlin Model 60 was created and produced in 1960 and it was constructed using less expensive materials than the Model 99.

The Marlin 60 was a low-cost gun that was famous among shooters due to its low cost. It had a 16-groove barrel rather than the typical 18-groove barrel. This made the pistol more inexpensive, but it also made it less accurate than other firearms.

John Moses Browning created the Marlin Model 60 in 1894. This rifle was built around a.22 caliber cartridge. The Model 60’s initial variation was released in 1895. The cartridge for this type was.30-06 Springfield. Later, Marlin expanded the caliber range.

The Marlin Model 70 was the most popular variation. This model has been modified. Winchester Magnum 300. Other variations are included. 243 Winchester, 7mm Remington Magnum, 6.5x55mm Swiss, and more calibers

This is an excellent hunting weapon. It’s really precise and powerful. It’s also far less expensive than most contemporary weapons. This firearm is semi-automatic. It has a blowback effect. Metal is used to make the receiver. The finish of the receiver is serrated and smooth. 

On the receiver is a scope mount. The barrel may be removed. The trigger guard is linked to the charging handle. The last shot bolt holds open automatically. The safety is positioned on the gun’s left side. Above the trigger is the cross-bolt safety.

In Marlin model 60, Marlin employs their unique Microgroove rifling. This pistol has a twist rate of 1:16 inches. Bullet distortion is reduced as it goes down the barrel thanks to the micro-groove rifling. One of Marlin’s most cheap rifles is the Model 60. It does not require any adjustments.

The Model 60 was initially designed for the. 22-long rifle cartridge, although it is currently used for other cartridges as well. This rifle comes in a variety of configurations. This model is intended for use with the.22 long round.

How To Mount Scope on Marlin Model 60

Mounts for Marlin Scopes

The width of a Weaver-style rail is 3/8′′. It will accommodate any pair of scope rings designed or designated to suit the Weaver rail. Scope rings can be two rings or a single-piece mount with two rings (a one-piece scope ring).

This model has a one-piece and a two-piece ring. We like the two-piece ring since it allows for additional adjustment throughout the installation procedure.

Scope rings should be thicker than railings. The scope would otherwise walk up and down the rail.

Elevation controls adjust in mils or around 3.6 inches. Mils are frequently referred to as MOA, however, most elevation dials provide changes in minutes of angle, which is approximately 1 inch at 100 yards. Most elevation dials enable you to modify the height of your scope with a screwdriver. 

Before changing some elevation dials, screws must be unfastened. After you’ve zeroed your scope, return the screws to their original positions. The turret may be used to modify the elevation of the cannon. You may fire targets at various distances by adjusting the height.

Dialing or Not Dialing

Today’s scopes are built to track incredibly precisely. Dialing has grown in popularity among long-range shooters; thus scopes must be examined to assure proper tracking. A scope that does not track properly will not strike your target.

This demonstrates the incredible accuracy provided by Tract scopes. Gone are the days when you had to wonder if your tweaks would function properly. The High-Profile Turret Kit, which adds a zero-stop and lock function for greater precision, is included with every Tract rifle scope.

Size of Objective Scope

The sizes of scope goals are often the last figures encountered in conventional scope specifications. A 3-920 scope, for example, would have a magnification of 3-9 and a 20mm objective. A 6-2450 scope has a magnification of 6-24 and an objective lens of 50mm.

Millimeters are always shown as the objective measurement. This value influences how near the scope may be mounted to the bore. A higher mount point is associated with a greater target.

Size of Tube

Tube Size of tube They are the most common and widely used tube diameters on the market today. Their weight is often less than that of those manufactured on a 30 mm tube.

Scope tubes are often heavier than 1-inch versions. A 30 mm tube is heavier than an 11 mm tube but has a wider range of adjustment.

A 1-inch scope is superior to a 30-mm scope because it allows you to see more detail. If you wish to fire at closer ranges, you should also consider obtaining a higher magnification scope.

scope tube


A scope mount must be adjustable so that the user may change the height of the scope ring. This enables the user to tailor the installation of the scope ring to their requirements.

How Do You Attach a Scope To A Marlin 60 Model

The marlin 60 model is an imprecise gun, although it is good at close-range- shooting. Make sure you don’t load your rifle before attaching a scope.

Rings in the Weaver Style

Weaver rings are popular because they allow you to adjust your scope without having to remove the ring. You may also utilize various scopes depending on the type of shooting you undertake.

Mounts in the Picatinny Style

These mounts are made to work with Weaver bases. They are similar to weaver rings but have a broader base hole. They are compatible with the majority of Weaver rings. Pica Tiny mounts are simple to use and take little effort to disengage. They do not require any tools to remove, unlike the weaver mounting mechanism.

Is there a Picatinny rail on a Marlin for installing a scope?

A basic Marlin 60 rifle is a semi-automatic weapon. It is missing a Picatinny or Weaver rail. There are aftermarket adapters available to convert the Weaver rail to a real Picatinny rail.

This is an excellent hunting scope. It is incredibly light and simple to use. You can quickly change your settings. It is also quite long-lasting.

What exactly is a Minute of Angle?

The minute of angle (MOA) is the amount a rifle sight can be turned from zero to target. MOA is measured in minutes of angle, with one minute equaling 60 degrees. The bigger the number, the more rotation is required to hit the target. The MOA range of a standard hunting rifle is between 100 and 200 MOA.

What exactly is an adjustment dial?

A rifle scope’s magnification may be adjusted using an adjustment dial. The magnification of a rifle’s sight is determined by how far away the shooter is from the target when looking through the scope. The magnification will be reduced if the shooter is too near to the target. The magnification increases as the shooter move away from the target.

What size rail does a Marlin Model 60 have?

The grooved rail on the Marlin Model 60 is a 3/8″ wide Weaver-style rail. This rail is compatible with any pair of scope rings designed or labeled to suit a Weaver rail. 3/8″ rail.

What is the length of a Marlin 60?

A Marlin 60 is 37.5 inches long.

To what torque should scope mounts be torqued?

It’s called Screw Tension. Follow the torque instructions provided with the mounts for a more exact torque adjustment, or use the following amounts: Ring cap screws should be tightened to a torque of 16-inch pounds (1.33 ft/lbs or 1.8 nm). Set the base screws to 30-inch pounds (2.5 ft/lbs or 3.4 nm).


The M60 will require 3/8″ dovetail rings, and you can almost certainly get away with medium height with that scope. Picatinny rings are required for the 10/22, and depending on the rail you attach, you may be able to get away with low rings, such as the Leupold PRW or QRW, or medium rings, based on the manufacturer.

If you’re not sure which scope rings you’ll need. When you obtain the scope you desire, I recommend taking your rifle to a big box sports equipment store and purchasing the ring setup that works best for you. There are many rings and bases on the wall, and it may cost you a few bucks extra, but it will be done very precisely.

Choosing the right mounts for your scope might be difficult. Before choosing the best mount, you need to consider numerous factors. It is critical to note that your mount must exactly match your scope. Furthermore, the base of the scope should suit your mount, or it may end up smacking you in the eye. 

You may also be unable to properly view your goal. Scope rings are used to secure rifle scopes. A scope ring is often constructed of plastic or metal and is used to secure the scope. Depending on the type of rifle, scope rings come in a variety of diameters.

Hope this guide will help you to understand how to mount a scope on Marlin Model 60 rifle. Now you have your gun set; enjoy hunting!

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