Holosun 507k X2 vs 407k X2: Which Scope Is Better For You?

Holosun’s red dot sights are getting increasingly popular over time. The rationale is simple: they mix quality and cost. Concealed carry pistols are becoming increasingly compact, but luckily for us, some optical firms are rising to the task and developing red dot sights that will fit these smaller guns.

Holosun is one of those optical businesses, and its two smallest scopes are now the Holosun 507k x2 and the Holosun 407k x2.

Holosun creates red dot sights for a wide range of preferences, including premium features such as:

  • The solar cell
  • Housing made of 7075-T aluminum
  • Housing made of titanium
  • Red, green, and gold lighting, for example.

Differences Between Holosun 507k x2 vs. 407k x2

There is only one distinction between them. The user on 507K may select between three types of reticles: circle dot, central dot alone, and circle only (Holosun refers to this as the “Multi-Reticle System – MRS”). Only the center dot is visible on 407K.

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A Detailed Comparison Between Holosun 507k x2 and 407k x2

Those were the first red dot sights built exclusively for a handgun by Holosun. The first signal is the size of the dots. Until now, their red dot sights came with a 2 MOA dot reticle. When shooting with a handgun, the 407K has a 6 MOA central dot reticle, allowing faster target acquisition. Most handgun users shoot up to 25 meters, and a 6 MOA dot allows for speedier follow-up shots.

The 507k model has a switchable reticle with a 2 MOA dot and a 2 MOA dot surrounded by a 32 MOA circle and circle alone. This combination is ideal if you want to fire at both short and medium-range, where more precision is necessary.

Toughness and Longevity: 

Holosun 507k: The Holosun 507k is a tough little optic, particularly for a reflex sight this compact. First and foremost, it has a sight housing made of 7075 T6 aluminum. That is a reasonably durable material that is yet relatively lightweight. This is critical since you don’t want your optic to weigh down your slide.

It also features an anodized coating to help to protect it from the weather. In addition, the methods that can be applied and elevation turrets are built within the sight housing.

They can still be tweaked with a little screwdriver, but this protects them from snagging on anything and snapping off accidentally. The 507k is also waterproof for 30 minutes in up to 1 meter of water. As a result, it will be able to survive rainy, snowy, and damp situations with ease. Overall, the 507k’s durability is outstanding, and it’s one of the hardest optics of this size available.

Holosun 407k: The Holosun 407k is likewise a tough little reflex sight. Because it is so identical to the 507k, it has the same durability characteristics. The sight housing of the 407k, for example, is likewise made of 7075 T6 aluminum. As a result, it’s quite difficult.

It also features an anodized coating to assist it in resisting the weather, and the methods that can be applied and elevation turrets are recessed inside the sight housing. As a result, they can never be severed.

Finally, the 407k is waterproof up to 1 meter underwater and will perform admirably in rainy and damp weather.

Battery life: 

Holosun 507k: The Holosun 507k is powered by a single CR1632 battery, which may last up to five hours on the moderate number 6 setting. That’s an incredible amount of battery life, and that means you can keep your optic on for years, and it will still operate for you.

To be safe, you should usually replace your battery once a year, and to do so, just remove the battery tray, which is situated on the side of the optic, and replace your battery.

That’s all! There is no need to remove your sight and then re-mount and re-zero it, and neither is the case with conventional optics.

You can change the battery on the 507k without removing this from the pistol, which is a convenient feature that will save you a lot of time. In addition to this sight’s very extended battery life, Holosun incorporates a function known as Shake Awake.

Essentially, this function implies that the optic will switch off after a period of inactivity and then come back on as soon as it detects motion. This is another amazing feature, in my view, since it will preserve your battery life even more, and your sight will automatically come on, so it’s always ready to go as soon as you take your pistol.

Finally, the Holosun 507k x2 model lets you switch to Lock Mode. This means that even if you accidentally push some of your brightness controls, say, while concealed carrying, your optic will remain locked upon your configured settings.

I enjoy the Lock Mode function because if you’re putting this optic on a defensive weapon, you don’t want any surprises if you ever need to draw in a life or death scenario. Overall, the battery life and brightness characteristics on the 507k are excellent, especially when compared to much more expensive lenses.

Holosun 407k: The battery life and brightness characteristics of the Holosun 407k are identical to those on the 507k. It also utilizes a single CR1632 battery, which can power the sight for five hours when set on setting 6.

In addition, it includes a side-loaded battery tray, which allows you to replace your battery without trying to remove your optic from the slide of your pistol. It also features the Awake Shake feature, which automatically turns your sight off and on when the optic detects motion.

The 407k also features ten daytime brightness levels, the brightest of which is quite bright, and two low light modes for use with NV equipment.

It also has the Lock Mode functionality featured on the 507k.

Reticle And Optics Clarity: 

Holosun 507k: The 507k’s lens is exceptionally clear. It’s far clearer than similar optics like the Trijicon RMR, which has a very pronounced blue tinge, and it provides a very clean sight image overall. The 507k has what Holosun refers to as the M.R.S. or Multiple Reticle System in terms of the reticle.

Simply told, the M.R.S. is incredible. It simply provides you with three reticle choices to pick from on your sight. There are three options:

  • A 2 MOA dot encircled by a 32 MOA ring
  • A dot of 2 MOA
  • A 32 MOA ring sans the central 2 MOA dot

The huge 32 MOA dot attracts your attention quickly, yet the little 2 MOA dot allows you to be incredibly precise when shooting at small targets or objects in the distance.

It’s the best of both worlds, and I enjoy it a lot. Following that, the 2 MOA dot reticle is a wonderful choice for individuals who desire a very basic sight image. It’s rather easy for your eye to pick up on, yet as I previously stated, it still provides a very precise aiming point.

Finally, a 32 MOA ring without a dot in the middle. Some people prefer this reticle, especially for quick shooting, since it provides a good picture of your target while fast and easy for your eye to pick up.

Finally, each of the reticles has advantages and disadvantages, but the 507k lets you choose between three different reticles, distinguishes it and provides a lot of value.

Holosun 407k: The Holosun 407k also features an extremely clear lens, providing a great sight image. It’s exactly as clear to me as the 507k; they’re both Holosun optics.

But when we start talking about the reticle, things start to change. The reticle on the 407k is a fixed 6 MOA dot.

In terms of precision while pointing and rapidity when picking up the dot, I believe the 6 MOA dot reticle is a reasonable compromise. I would want it to be somewhat smaller, perhaps a 4 MOA dot, but many others enjoy it at 6 MOA.

And, since this optic will be mounted on a single stack concealed carry gun, 6 MOA is an ideal size since, if you ever need to use your weapon in self-defense, the firing distance will most likely be extremely near.

Overall, I believe the 6 MOA dot is a nice reticle, but it is the only option for the 407k.

Holosun 507k x2 vs 407k x2: Overall Performance

Because they are both from Holosun, they are made to the same specifications and with the same material. The 507k and the 407k have the same size and proportions. Both are quite durable optics, especially given their size.

The reticle on the 407k is a fixed 6 MOA dot. Even while I think the 6 MOA dot is a fantastic reticle, my favorite is the Circle Dot Reticle since it provides a lot of precision while still allowing you to shoot rapidly. So, in this area, I will go with the 507k.

Both include a battery, a rechargeable batteries tray tool, and a lens cloth. And they each have a built-in backlight.

Final Verdict

So, in the end, I had to label it a tie in the Durability And Toughness category because both of these sights are built to the same standards and are quite durable. In Lens Clarity And Reticle, I awarded the 507k the advantage since it features the Multiple Reticle System with the Circle Dot Reticle, which is my preference, whereas the 407k just has a 6 MOA dot reticle. Because both sights are exceedingly compact and lightweight, I declared a tie in the Size Comparison.

In the Battery Life And Brightness Settings category, both sights have 50,000 hours of battery life, the Awake Shake feature, the Lock Mode feature, and 12 brightness settings. So again, I had to call it a draw.

In the Extra Accessories category, both sights come with the same accessories, including a built-in rear sight, which gives you a lot of value, so I called it a draw.

And Last in the Price Comparison,  the 407k is around 70 to 80 dollars less expensive than the 507k.

So which of these sights do I prefer? I prefer the Holosun 507k x2.

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