Holosun 403 VS 503: Which One is Best For You?

Holosun brand is well known because of its optimized and well-designed optics. Recently (Holosun 403 and 503) have risen extreme hype in the optics market. In this article, we will compare both Holosun 403 and 503 by showing notable similarities and dissimilarities. Then we will add a personal opinion that would help you choose the best optic of these two for yourself.

What are the similarities between Holosun 403 and 503?

These two optics are almost similar. Here are the main similar points are written below,

  • Build quality and toughness.
  • The clarity of the lens.
  • Battery life and performance.
  • Additional accessories.

Build quality and toughness

Both Holosun403 and 503 are very durable and tough. That is because both are,

  • 6061 aluminum-made.
  • Fog proof.
  • 1meter Waterproof.
  • High-powered firearms recoil handy.

In addition to that, there are some variants of these two models. The variant that offers extra safety and an anodized finish is recommendable.

The clarity of the lenses

Both models have very excellent and clear lenses that would satisfy your vision while looking through them. I didn’t notice any noise in both models. You could get a better experience using these lenses compared to maybe higher-priced other micro red dots. There is no doubt that the best lenses are provided in these two models.

Battery life and features:

The awesome battery life of these two models can’t be explained. Both models are containing lithium batteries that could provide you with 50,000 hours of service. The batteries are also removable. You can change them once the battery life is almost drained. There are also some extra cool features on the additions with “C” at the end of the name (503c or 403c).

A feature is added to these additions which will work as a sensor for your optic. Once the user session is finished, the optic would turn off automatically. That would save your battery life. These additions also contain solar panels that would save you in emergencies if they could get some sunlight. All in all the battery experience is just good.


Both optics come with almost the same accessories which are,

  • A battery.
  • A lens cloth.
  • Rubber bikini lens cover.

Now let’s talk about the dissimilarities,

What are the dissimilarities of both Holosun403 and 503?

Though both models are almost similar, the dissimilarity is also obvious.

There are two major dissimilarities in both Holosun403 and 503.

  • Price differences.
  • Reticle options.

Price Differences

As we mentioned before, there are some variants in these two models. Some contain solar panels and some don’t. The variants without solar panels are 403b and 503cu. The 403b is around 100-120 bucks. And the 503cu is around 120-150 bucks.

The variants with solar panels are 403c and 503c. The 403c is 40-50 bucks less expensive than the 503c variant.

So the most affordable optic is the Holosun403 model.

Reticle options

The 403 optic has just a 2MOA red dot reticle which is good. You can aim at long range easily with this optic though you will be slow to aim and will face difficulties aiming at small targets.

But the 503 optic has a double reticle system. It contains both 2MOA and 60MOA circle dot reticles. You can switch between these two reticles according to the user manual. The 60MOA circle dot reticles allow the user to pick up targets aiming very easily and fast.

What is the best optic between Holosun403 and 503?

According to the comparison above and the specialist’s statements, the 403 is the most useful and affordable. But if you want more accurate and fast aiming you can add some extra cash and purchase the Holosun503.


 I hope I could clarify the differences between both models. If you got any related questions or want to know about another topic please let us know in the comment section below.

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