Will Vortex Viper Fit On Razer Plate

The Vortex Viper is a great fit for the Razer plate. It is a snug fit and does not move around. The only thing that I would watch out for is the placement of the screws. They are in a different location than on the Razer plate and can be a little tricky to get to. Other than that, the Vortex Viper is a great addition to the Razer plate.

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There is no one definitive answer to this question, as it depends on the specific model of Razer plate and the Vortex Viper model in question. However, in general, it is likely that the Vortex Viper will fit on most Razer plates without issue.

Let’s read Some FAQs

1. Does the Vortex Venom and Viper use the same mounting plate?

Yes, both the Vortex Venom and Viper come with a low rail mounting plate.

2. What mount does Vortex Viper use?

Vortex Viper features the Docter/Noblex mounting standard.

3. Will Vortex Razor fit on RMR Mount?

The Vortex Razor comes with an adapter which screws on the mount and it fits my rifle perfectly. However, when you use the bracket with Trijicon RMR it is not held in place on my rail. Put the plating of the optic in between where your rail mounts in your gun and you can see how it is held onto your rifle.

Final Word

The Vortex Viper will fit on the Razer plate. The Razer plate is too small for the Vortex Viper. Sometimes, The Vortex Viper is a much larger mouse than the Razer plate.

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