Will An RMR Fit On A Vortex Viper Slide Cut

Yes, an RMR will fit on a Vortex Viper slide cut. The Vortex Viper slide cut is designed to accommodate an RMR red dot sight, and the two will work together nicely. The RMR will help you to get on target quickly and accurately, and the Vortex Viper slide cut will provide a stable platform for the RMR.

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Let’s read Some FAQs

1. Is the Viper Vortex RMR?

The Viper is popular because of its inexpensive price, but it also performs well, and you get 10 brightness levels with a distinct red dot, albeit the lowest brightness level is still too bright for night vision compatibility. The optics and general quality are excellent, but not RMR.

2. Is Trijicon superior to Vortex?

However, because there are no external protection/lenses like the Vortex Razor, Trijicon RMR is better for inside use with less dust or fog. The Vortex Razor offers one of the lightest red dot sights on the market. It is less than 1.5 ounces in weight.

3. What optics fit RMR cut slide?

Ade Stingray is Designed to to the smallest and lightest red dot to fit any pistol mounting plate/slide/cut that is compatible with RMR/SRO.

Final Word

The short answer is yes, an RMR will fit on a Vortex Viper slide cut. The RMR is a popular red dot sight for pistols, and the Vortex Viper is a popular slide cut for pistols. There are a few different ways to mount an RMR on a Vortex Viper, and all of them are fairly simple. The most important thing to remember is to make sure that the RMR is properly aligned with the bore of the gun.

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