Will A Truglo Light Fit Any Sight

Yes, a TruGlo light will fit any sight because it is a universal light.

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A Truglo light can be a great addition to any sight. It is a small, lightweight, and durable light that can be easily attached to any sight. The Truglo light is also very bright, making it perfect for use in low light conditions.

Let’s read Some FAQs

1. Are TRUGLO fiber optic sights good?

These are effective in light, low light and total darkness. The rear yellow night are meant to be a bit dimmer to enhance the brighter front sight for faster eye target acquisition.

2. What is the difference between tritium and fiber optic sights?

Tritium night sights are built for durability and visibility in low light. Fiber optic sights are built to be highly visible in bright light, making them an excellent option for sport shooting.

3. How long do TRUGLO sights last?

Approximately 10 to 12 years.

Final Word

A truglo light will fit any sight because it is a universal light. It is made to fit any sight on any gun. It is a very bright light and it is very easy to install.

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