How To Reset A Scope To Factory Zero

Learning how to mount, sight, and fix a rifle scope will lead to more accurate shots and less ammo used. If you recently purchased your first scope and want to use it on a new rifle to minimize stress at the range when little modifications on your scope cause large alterations on the target, you must reset your sight to factory zero. You may learn how to install and calibrate your scope securely and quickly if you want to do it yourself.

By following the step-by-step instructions in this article, on how to reset a scope to factory zero, you will spend less time in the field trying to figure out why your shooting is incorrect and more time shooting.

The mirror technique and the counting technique are two ways to reset a scope to factory zero. The counting approach to reset your scope to factory zero is noteworthy in my opinion since it is more exact and widely utilized to optically center a scope. nonetheless, it will take more work and more math, but it is more methodical. The mirror approach necessitates the use of a mirror and is ineffective with scopes that include an illuminated reticle.

The Counting Technique

Step 1: 

Determine whether the turrets on your scopes mean an extra tool. sometimes Your rifle scope has turrets that can be adjusted without the need for any equipment. To make adjustments to your scope, you may need to use a screw or an Allen wrench.

Step 2:

Then turn your elevation (top) turret in one direction. You must sometimes turn the elevation turret “up” in a clockwise manner until the turret reaches its maximum mobility. When bottoming out your turret, don’t over-torque it because it might harm the sight. When you encounter opposition in the turret, come to a halt. In addition, your turret may rotate counterclockwise. Ensure you just obey the arrow in the turret’s direction.

Step 3: 

After you’ve maxed out my elevation adjustment, you may need to turn it “down” in a counterclockwise way, counting each click till you’ve maxed it out again. When you’ve exhausted your scope, you can select 48 clicks or a different amount.

Step 4: 

After that Divide the total of clicks you counted in half and rotate the turret to that number. For example, if you divide the number of clicks by half yielded 24. Then you crank the elevation knob “up” clockwise, counting the clicks until you hit the center number of 24.

Step 5:

Carry out the same procedure on the windage (side) turret. To summarize, spin the windage (side) turret as far as it will go in one direction, stopping when resistance is felt. Divide the number of clicks you get when you rotate the windage turret in the other way in half. Set the windage turret to that value.

The Mirror Technique

Step 1:

The first step is to align your scope with the mirror. Take a look at the crosshairs. You will only see the reticle if the sight is optically centered. If it is not, you will notice a reticle shadow in the mirror.

Step 2: 

After that, Align the reticle’s shadow with the reticle itself. To return to factory settings, align the reticle’s shadow with the reticle itself. This is accomplished by modifying the elevation (top) and windage (side) turrets. There is no one method to finish this task. It’s more of a trial by fire. Continue to adjust the turrets until the shadow and reticle are aligned.

Is it significantly different from one scope to the next?

Because scopes differ, the equipment required to reset your specific scope to factory zero may vary from others, but you won’t need much more than a screw or Allen wrench.

Why Would I need to reset my scope to factory reset?

When you want to transfer scopes between rifles, when you acquired a secondhand scope and want to reset it to factory zero, and when you want to speed up zeroing processes on a rifle at the range and save ammo, you will need to reset your sight to factory zero.

How long does it take to center a scope optically?

It may be fairly rapid if you utilize the mirror approach. The counting approach will take longer, but it should only take a few minutes.


As demonstrated in this step-by-step approach, resetting a scope to factory zero does not have to be difficult. It doesn’t take many tools—at most, a screwdriver or an Allen wrench—and it’s simple once you get the feel of it.

So, the next time you wish to switch your sight to a new rifle, you won’t have to be concerned because you now know how to reset a scope to factory zero.

Let’s Watch the Video: How to Reset your TRACT Rifle Scope turret to Zero

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