How To Mount Scope On Daisy BB Gun

Putting a scope on a BB rifle isn’t as complicated as you would think. In reality, you can accomplish so easily without modifying the pistol. You may get your scope set up and plinking your targets precisely in just a few simple steps. You simply need a few common-sense goods and shouldn’t have to go out and get anything expensive.

Daisy BB pistols include a front and rear sight, although only the rear sight is adjustable. To sight-in your Daisy BB gun, you must shoot it often, therefore make sure you have a limited shooting area where no humans or dogs may enter. To reduce the possibility of the steel BB ricocheting, utilize a target mounted to a soft backstop. So, if you’re ready to follow along, I’ll teach you how to mount a sight on a Daisy BB rifle.

You’ll Need A Few Things

  1. Daisy BB Gun: This is an old-school BB gun, but it’s a lot of fun, easy to use and accurate to fire. It has such a basic and straightforward construction, thus adding the base rail is simple without causing any major adjustments or harm to the rifle.
  1. Scope Or Scope Rings: The sight and rings which you wish to attach to the gun will be required. We’ll be utilizing a Lasso rail in this tutorial, so make sure your scope rings should be for the Lasso, which would be a 3/8″ dovetail mount. It is a Daisy BB gun foundation.
  1. Screwdriver: This is required to eliminate the rear top screw on the stock of your BB pistol. This is where you’ll put the base rail.
  1. Lasso Base Rail: The Lasso mount, also known as the Lever Action Simple Stable Optical mount, was designed for the Daisy BB gun and would suit any Daisy rifle. Because it is a 3/8” dovetail mount, it should be able to accommodate a variety of scope rings. It includes all you need to attach it to the rifle; just ensure you don’t lose any of the tiny bits. It will also include two spacers that must be placed for optimum scope elevation.

Mounting Scope On Daisy Bb Gun

Step 1: 

First, just slide the elevation ramp out of the rear sight. Then, with a Phillips-head screwdriver, unscrew the rear stock screw. Place the foam barrier in the location where you will sight the BB pistol and the paper target out front. Ensure the backstop is stable; you don’t want it to collapse after you shot the BB gun.

Step 2: 

Remove its front Acorn screw and washer from the Lasso and secure the mount to the rear stock. Lift on the back sight and slip front of the Lasso beneath it, machine screw pointing upward, until it is securely in position. 

The machine screw will be held centered on the pistol by the slot in the rear sight. Align the mount’s rear screw hole with the pistol stock’s rear screw hole. Charge the Daisy BB gun according to the manufacturer’s directions, aim for the center of the image with the sights, then press the trigger to shoot the air rifle.

Step 3: 

Insert spacers between both the two rear mounting holes to get the optimum height and separation for your scope. This is a critical step that must be completed or your scope aiming will be incorrect. According to your sight, you may just need one spacer, but you will most likely require both.

Step 4: 

Reinstall and toughen the stock screw first, then add a locking washer over the rear scope hole. This will attach everything to the pistol stock. After that, screw the small washer, lock washer, and Acorn nut onto the process screw in front of the mount. This simply has to be manually tightened so that none of the rifle’s tiny rear sight metal is bent.

Step 5:

So now your base mount is secure, you may attach the scope. Simply place your dovetail rings over the mounting and tighten them until they are secure. This is how you mount your scope on your Daisy BB gun!

Is it necessary to utilize a BB gun scope and mount?

A base mount that will suit your Daisy BB gun and also has a corresponding fitting, like the forward screw and rear screw hole, is required. The Lasso is a Daisy BB gun-specific accessory that is simple to purchase. Certain Picatinny rails are certain Picatinny rails intended specifically for BB rifles, but you should be OK if you verify the mount and ensure it has the same configuration.

Do I need to drill more holes in my Daisy rifle to fit a scope?

You should not have to. Everything, especially the Lasso mount, simply screws into place with both the existing rifle system, so there’s no need to worry.

What are the knobs on a scope for?

Turrets are the adjustment knobs of a rifle sight. The top turret is used to modify elevation, while the side turret is used to regulate windage.


I hope this article was helpful in teaching you how to mount a scope on a Daisy BB rifle. It’s almost flawless and incredibly convenient that you don’t have to mutilate your gun to mount a sight on it. After you’ve installed the scope, take this out and sight it in, making any changes necessary to achieve the greatest targeting experience possible.

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