How To Mount Scope on CZ 550

When the CZ 537 bolt-action rifle was superseded in 1997, the CZ 550 was first presented. It has a fixed magazine and a detachable magazine as an option. On the right side of the receiver of the CZ 550 is a valve for releasing emergency gas pressure. 

On the bolt, there are four locking lugs. The receiver is supplied with a 19mm dovetail for installation rather than having any mounting holes. The CZ 550 uses controlled-feed operation. Behind the bolt lever, to the right of the receiver, is where you’ll find the safety catch.

Additionally, the receiver lacks a dovetail and only features four mounting holes—two on the front mounting surface and two on the back—instead. We need to know how to attach a scope to a pistol, rifle, or shotgun for several reasons. This is essential as you grow better at identifying and hitting your target as intended. Let’s look at mounting a sight on a CZ550.

How To Mount Scope on CZ 550

Fixed Ring Mounting

Without the use of tools, fixed ring mounts cannot be removed from a rifle. They are reasonably priced and dependable. The majority of the time, installing them on a rifle is not difficult. Being fixed prevents the user from swiftly switching scopes, which reduces a rifle’s use. The fixed ring mounts for this rifle come in one-piece and two-piece varieties. The consumer can choose to purchase bases simply or bases with rings.

CZ 550 scope mounts

Fixed One-Piece Ring Mounting

Fixed one-piece ring mounts for the CZ 550 are made of steel and aluminum. They can also be seen in a two-part design. This implies a separation between the base and the rings. These mounts are attractive, very light, and elegant.

The fact that both scope rings are made of the same material is the main characteristic shared by all single-piece scope mounts. The entire mount is constructed from a single piece of raw material, and milling is a typical procedure to create a mount out of it.

Single-piece scope mounts are often designed for tactical uses and work best when mounted on Picatinny rails. However, there are several producers of stylish one-piece mounts for hunting purposes on the market.

Mounts For Fixed Scope Rails

To separate a fixed rail mount from a rifle, tools are required. Although purchasing fixed ring mounts is a less expensive alternative, this choice is still affordable when compared to other mounting solutions. Fixed rail mounts are sturdy and portable, but they do not allow for easy switching between scopes. There are fewer options than fixed ring mounts since there are fewer vendors who make these. Only the one-piece variant of this gun is offered.

Removable Mounting Possibilities

There are mounts in this category that can be uninstalled with only bare hands and no tools or other equipment. They frequently don’t give complete reproducibility. These mounts fall under an advantageous group.

Move benefits for the mounts in this group include the ability to transport the weapon and riflescope separately. The point of impact of a rifle might change by up to 10 cm at 100 meters when the sight is reattached. They are often identified by the initials QR (quick release) or QD (quick detachable).

Rings With Removable Mounting

Simple metal levers built into detachable ring mounts allow for easy removal from the weapon. These mounts securely to the 19mm dovetail of CZ 550. The clamping force on the dovetail may often be changed without affecting the ultimate position of the levers. Once the mount is positioned and placed on the CZ 550s 19mm dovetail, this gives the option to modify the position of the levers for a better aesthetic (both levers point in the same direction). 

These mounts also have a recoil lug in the design. Adjustable windage is a feature of several detachable ring mounts. Quick release (QR) or quick detachable (QD) designations are typically used to identify detachable mounts. There are one-piece and two-piece versions of this gun available.

Scope Rail Mounts that are Removable

One-piece and two-piece detachable scope rail mounts for the CZ 550 are both available. These mounts also have a recoil lug in the design. The mount’s upper portion clamps on the scope rail, while the bottom portion clamps on the dovetail. 

The LM rail, Zeiss ZM/VM rail, Swarovski SR rail, and S&B Convex rail are the four various scope rail mounts that are offered. They are often more costly and typically built with an integrated windage adjuster. Quick release (QR) or quick detachable (QD) designations are typically used to identify detachable mounts.

Reproducible Detachable Mounts

The most complex mounts are repeatable mounts. They provide the option to put the telescopic sight on the weapon again after being removed without the need to re-zero it. Repeatable detachable mounts differ in their mounting technique but otherwise function similarly to detachable ring or scope rail mounts. 

Repeatable detachable mounts are built with a precise clamping mechanism that guarantees the same mount position with every attachment by applying the same clamping force with the aid of a lever. Quick release (QR) or quick detachable (QD) designations are typically used to identify detachable mounts.

Mounting Bases

Picatinny Rails

Since its creation in 1995, the Picatinny rail has a high chance of becoming a mounting industry standard. The main benefit of the Picatinny rail, which was based on the Weaver pattern, is that it may be utilized the full length of its length, as opposed to the Weaver, which has predesignated mounting slots, restricting its utility and adaptability. 

Its advantages include interchangeability and simplicity of usage. Slots on a Picatinny rail are equally spaced, at a distance of 5.23 mm. The slots have a depth of 3 mm. As a result, all weapons that employ the Picatinny standard have the same mounting. Typically, Picatinny rails come in inclinations of 0 MOA or 20 MOA. All mounts, even those made for the Weaver standard, may be mounted on a Picatinny rail. These full-size mounts are made to hold contemporary optics, such as thermal or digital instruments.

CZ 550 scope rings

Mounting Scope on CZ 550

  1. Fill up your weapon first. Put your pistol in a vise or gun mount so you can work on it easily.
  1. For the dovetail rear sight to be pushed out of its groove, you’ll require effective sight removal equipment that uses opposing pressures. To prevent any damage, it is advised to disassemble your pistol first.
  1. The mounting plate should be placed on top, and the screws should be secured using Loctite blue thread sealant. Set the two screws using a manual screwdriver to get started.
  1. You’re done when you use the same procedure to attach the screws with Loctite blue. Start by unscrewing the screw from the rear end sight assembly on top, paying attention to each turn’s clicking sound as you go. Keep the screw, which is connected to a T-nut below, in place.
  1. Your front end will stick out of the frame after you’re done. Remove the whole assembly by gently pressing back on the front edge and slipping the iron sight out of its slots.
  1. Put the iron sight assembly somewhere secure. To prevent losing them, you should put them in the same location where you keep your firearms.
  1. Tap out any debris if there is any within. The holes should be cleaned using the carburetor cleaning process. Then, eliminate any lingering, older impurities with an air sprayer or a blower.
  1. When buying a new scope, go for a mount that has recoil lugs built into it. Recoil force is absorbed into the frame rather than being applied to the screws, which over time might harm your installation.
  1. Once both rings are tight against the recoil ring, adjust the screws until they reach the bottom. The scope may still be turned while it is in place right now.
  1. The final step is to ensure that your scope is correctly aligned. 
  1. If the scope has precise dial knobs for sighting, it might need to be turned. Tighten the screws to keep the mount and scope in place after installation. Keep an eye out for the click as you spin the screw to know when to stop.

Tighten the screws to keep the mount and scope in place after installation. Keep an eye out for the click as you spin the screw to know when to stop.

Best Scope Mount For CZ 550

Is CZ 550 a quality firearm?

While it is far from the best home defense weapon for those who dread what the future may hold, this rifle has long been a favorite among hunters. It probably isn’t a terrible pick for a well-stocked home armory.

A CZ 550 American is what caliber?

1″ steel scope rings are included with the CZ 550 American. The chambering pallet is either.270 Winchester, 6.555mm, .30-06 Springfield, and 9.362mm with a 5-round fixed magazine, or.243 Winchester, .308 Winchester, and.22-250 Remington with a 4-round detachable magazine (a limited run in.300 Winchester Short Magnum was also offered).

How effective are CZ rifles?

The wooden stock is outstanding in every way. First-rate ergonomics, fit to the action, and stock finish are all present. The firearm is intended for use at close range as a stalker or hunting rifle in Europe. As excellent a pair of iron sights as you’ll find on a bolt-action rifle is the fixed sights.


The steps for installing a scope are essentially the same no matter the brand, kind of action, or frame style of the rifle, with a few minor deviations. Your expert guns dealer may recommend a different mount design that is better suited to the design of your pistol. This article could have made it clearer how to put a scope on a CZ550. Prepare your scope for seeing shortly!

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