Will Trijicon MRO Fit On RAS Mount

The Trijicon MRO will fit on a RAS mount with no modifications necessary. The MRO has a built in picatinny rail on the top of the optic, so all you need to do is attach the RAS mount to the rail and you’re good to go. The MRO is a great optic for close quarters combat and is very popular with law enforcement and military units.

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Let’s read Some FAQs

1. What is the Trijicon MRO?

The Trijicon MRO is a sealed, miniature reflex sight intended for use on rifles, carbines, and shotguns to provide fast target acquisition.

2. What is the RAS Mount?

The RAS Fix fills the space between the upper receiver and the RIS’s top rail. In addition to providing stability, it also serves as a riser mount for optics, which is ideal for players who use a full face mask. Because it is built of high-quality aluminum, it is suitable for both real and airsoft firearms.

Is trijicon MRO worth the money?

If you desire those things and have the dough to burn, the Trijicon MRO’s combination of insane battery life and brightness, exceptional glass quality, bombproof construction, a pretty broad field of vision, and a green dot option all for something in the region of $400 or so makes this a no-brainer.

Final Word

the Trijicon MRO will fit on a RAS mount. The MRO has a built in RAS mount that is compatible with all MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails.

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