Will A Trijicon RMR Fit On A Hellcat

Yes, the Trijicon RMR will fit on a Hellcat. The RMR is a red dot sight that is designed for use on pistols. It is a small sight that can be mounted on the slide of a pistol. The Hellcat is a pistol that has a slide that is designed to accept red dot sights.

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The Trijicon RMR is a red dot sight that is designed to be used on a pistol. It is a small sight that is very lightweight. The RMR is made to be used with both eyes open and has an adjustable LED that allows the user to adjust the dot intensity.

The RMR can be used on a variety of different pistols, but it is sometimes not recommended for use on a Hellcat. The reason for this is because the Hellcat is a very small pistol and the RMR is a large sight. The RMR would not fit well on the Hellcat and would likely obstruct the user’s view.

Let’s read Some FAQs

1. Can you mount a Trijicon RMR on a Hellcat?

The Trijicon RMRcc optic can be fitted to either a standard Hellcat (by pushing out the rear dovetail sight and adding an adapter plate) or Hellcat OSP.

2. Does the Hellcat have RMR cut?

Trijicon now offers a miniature version of the RMR sight that will fit the Springfield Armory Hellcat pistol. Called the RMRcc, the new red dot sight can be had with either the 3.25 MOA dot or the 6.0 MOA dot. Both versions of the RMRcc for the Hellcat use a similar design to the original RMR.

3. Will RMRcc fit on Hellcat?

The RMRcc is not designed to mount on the hellcat, it is too long to fit in the optics cut there for this adapter plate has to be thicker than most plates causing the RMRcc to sit above the cut. If you can live with that This plate will work as designed.

Final Word

The Trijicon RMR will fit on a Hellcat, but it may not be the best option. The RMR is a large sight, and the Hellcat is a small gun. The RMR may obscure your target and make it difficult to hit your target.

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