Will A Leupold Delta-point Pro Fit On A FNX Tactical

Yes, it will fit because the DeltaPoint Pro is designed to fit a variety of pistols.

The DeltaPoint Pro is a great option for an optic on the FNX Tactical. It is a small, lightweight sight that is durable and has great clarity. It is easy to mount and zero, and the battery life is excellent. It is also a very affordable sight.

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Let’s read Some FAQs

1. Is the Delta-Point Pro durable?

The Leupold Delta-Point Pro NV is durable, reliable, and has the best night vision capability of any of the optics of its type on the market. It’s window-licker simple to operate and Leupold includes a multitude of mounting options right form the manufacturer.

2. Where is Leupold DeltaPoint Pro made?

Like all Leupold riflescopes and sights, the DeltaPoint Pro is built to last. Made right here in Beaverton Oregon.

3. Is the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro waterproof?

All DeltaPoint Pro sights can utilize the optional integrated rear dovetail sights. All models of DeltaPoint’s are Waterproof, Fogproof, and Guaranteed for life.

Final Word

The DeltaPoint Pro is a great option for an optic on the FNX Tactical. It is a rugged and reliable option that will hold up to the elements and the recoil of the FNX Tactical. It is a great option for those who are looking for an optic that will be able to handle the recoil of the FNX Tactical and still provide a clear image.

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