How To Mount A Scope On a Henry 22 Rifle

The huge loop lever on the Henry Lever Carbine.22 rifle is ideal for people with larger hands or when wearing gloves in cold weather. Its little total length is 34′′, and its barrel is 16-1/8′′. The ammo is put directly into the tubular magazine from the top, hence there is no loading slot on the side of the receiver.

 Unless the trigger is pushed, Henry’s internal transfer bar safety prevents hammer contact with the firing pin. The rifle won’t accidentally discharge if it is dropped onto the hammer or if the shooter’s thumb wanders away from the hammer while cocking. (There is no traditional half-cock notch or manual cross-bolt safety.) Pulling the trigger is crisp.

Crisp and smooth trigger pulls enable pinpoint accuracy. A brass bead front sight and a fully adjustable buckhorn-style rear sight enable accurate shot placement on small targets. With an American walnut stock and fore-end, the Henry Classic Lever-Action Rimfire Rifle is a stylish weapon. The receiver and barrel are matte blue. The Henry rifle’s design and operation, as well as its lines, are distinctly American.

Numerous variables affect a rifle’s actual accuracy. With Henry firearms, you are already well on your way to striking your target thanks to the mechanical accuracy of well-made barrels and reliable triggers. With the right optic, you can go even closer to the target. Henry rifles are simple to scope since their bolt handles don’t physically obstruct the scope and they discharge to the side. What you mount will depend on the target’s size and the predicted ranges. Magnification may be more important when using a.22 LR lever action to hunt small animals than while using a.44 Mag to get close to a hog.

Some shooters prefer to have a qualified gunsmith mount a new sight, but you can do it yourself without worrying that you’ll compromise your rifle’s accuracy. When you mount your own scope, you may fit it to your own specifications and align it with your shoulder for a custom fit. 

Read the instructions below to be sure you’re not adding to your workload or making a common fitment mistake before you touch your pistol or scope with any tools. It’s time to head to the range or the field to see the view for yourself once your new scope is mounted.

How To Mount A Scope On a Henry 22 Rifle

Match Bases And Rings

The first step is to ensure that the mounting system you choose is the right fit for your rifle and that the rings are of the right diameter and height for correctly positioning your scope. Almost all modern rifles are either pre-drilled and tapped for scope bases or grooved for the appropriate mounting attachments. Make sure the components are compatible because specific types of scope rings only fit specific types of scope bases. Additionally, the height of scope rings varies, which could be confusing.

The base sets’ heights can occasionally vary slightly. Carefully examine each. Typically, the upper base is in front and the lower base is towards the back. This is as a result of the receiver section’s varied height. You would have a problem there if the bases were the same.

Here, getting new combination rings and base systems—often referred to as cantilever bases and rings—is advised. You just do this:

Set your scope onto the bottom part of the ring group using a Weaver-style (Picatinny-style) mounting rail after dropping the entire system into position on the grooves. (If you’re unable to accomplish that, it’s urged that you refrain from firing a gun as well.)

Mount Bases

The objective bell should never touch the barrel when mounting a scope on a rifle, and there should always be room at the eyepiece for the bolt to freely operate. Ask an experienced gun store owner for suggestions. Most bases and rings are fastened together with screws and Torx or socket-head wrenches.

Secure the Area

Apply a little drop of a thread-freezing substance, such as Loctite, for the highest level of security (the semi-permanent Blue is best for scope mounting). By alternately tightening the screws, you can ensure an equal fit. Avoid using the scope as a lever to rotate the ring into position if you use rings that attach to the front base using a revolving socket mechanism. Instead, use a wooden dowel or object with a similar diameter.

Adjust Reticle

Reticle design is crucial. For reactive shooting, simple, strong crosshairs with an illuminated center point are excellent, while more intricate designs are better for longer-range drop and wind adjustment. You want to be able to figure out how many MOA or MRAD hash points of drop compensation would be necessary if you were looking at a rabbit through a scope with a 100-yard zero at 150 yards. 

There is less need for adjustment while using a centerfire rifle. With the ability to make little modifications, a miss or a graze with subsonic rimfire rounds fired via a sound-suppressed rifle becomes a flawless shot. The reticle of the majority of scopes maintains its apparent size throughout the zoom range. 

Although a great feature, it necessitates a more intricate optical design, which either increases the scope’s weight and cost or degrades its other optical properties. Even while it is not too much for comfort, the weight makes the rifle more top-heavy and difficult to maintain precisely upright. The initial focal plane range advantage is rarely worth the drawbacks for the usage characteristic of lever-action rifles like the Henry .22.

Henry 22 Rifle scope mount

After installing the bottom half of the rings, position the scope and just loosely (enough to enable the scope to rotate and move back and forth) tighten the upper halves of the rings. Rotate the scope until the reticle is perfectly vertical and horizontal while holding the weapon level.

Wipe the attachment surfaces dry and clean before adding a light layer of oil or rust preventative to start assembling the bases. Verify that the bases are attached correctly and are not attached in the wrong order.

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Change Eye Relief

Place the scope far enough forward so that your eye is protected from recoil. As a general guideline, advance the scope by about an inch from where you initially thought it should be.

Screw Tightening 

Double-check the location of the scope before tightening the ring screws. To provide a consistent distance between the ring halves, alternately tighten the screws.

Gun Sight

Use the correct insertion pin for your caliber when installing a bore sight, and then adjust the vertical and horizontal axes to point of aim.

The sole purpose of bore sighting is to get your rifle to print on paper at 100 yards. You’ll need to fire test groups at the range in order to properly sight in your weapon.

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Can my Henry 22 be equipped with a scope?

Henry rifles are simple to scope since their bolt handles don’t physically obstruct the sight and they discharge to the side. What you mount will depend on the target’s size and the predicted ranges.

Do Henry guns work well?

The rifles are appropriate for every shooter because of their accuracy, dependability, and longevity. Henry offers a rifle to meet your demands, whether you are plinking or target shooting, hunting or cowboy action shooting, protecting your farm or tearing down steel.

What is the range of a Henry 22lr?

It shouldn’t be a surprise that he can strike the target with ease from 50 yards away. After all, the remarkable accuracy of the 22 LR is largely responsible for its enormous popularity.

How is the Accuracy of Henry.22 rifles?

The Henry rifle is an excellent shotgun that is very attractive to look at. The Henry is a solid option for whatever a. 22 LR rifle is suitable for and doesn’t require high-velocity ammo, which you could find quite appealing.

Does a Henry Golden Boy.22 Magnum accept scopes?

Yes, provided that your Fast Fire mount is a weaver.

A Henry 22 can it shoot shorts?

The .22LR is the cornerstone of the Henry lineup because of its unmatched power and accessibility. For unlimited backyard plinking, load up a Golden Boy H004 with high velocity or a Henry H001 with 21 rounds of.22 shorts.

Are Henry guns effective hunting tools?

No matter what kind of animal you’re looking for or your degree of skill, Henry offers a rifle or shotgun to help you have a successful hunt. We offer an American-made, dependable, and reasonably priced rifle that is backed by a Lifetime Warranty that is unmatched in the market for shooting everything from squirrel to elk and everything in between. Go hunting with a Henry.


Once your weapon is installed correctly on the Henry rifle and is fully sighted in, it doesn’t imply you never check it again.

Even normal transportation can produce vibration and cause parts to become loose, thus screws and bases need to be tight and checked frequently. Another scenario where you might need to verify the accuracy of your rifle sight is when you raise your weapon to a tree stand and bump your scope.

Hope It helps you understand how to mount a scope on Henry .22 rifle. Cheers to the gun!

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