How To Mount A Scope On A Browning SA-22

The Browning Semi Auto 22, commonly known as the SA-22, was introduced in 1914 and is being manufactured today. It seems bizarre in person and images due to several unusual proportions. The bottom eject barrel is very tiny, yet it serves as a good balancing point for holding the rifle when trekking through the woods.

How To Mount A Scope On A Browning SA-22

The trigger on this gun was good enough for a 22, the cross-bolt safety was easily located ahead of the trigger guard, as well as the bottom loading handle is racked. Reloading is marginally safer than front tube reloading because the muzzle is less likely to be directed at your hand. The reloading chute is relatively suitable for “pocket full of 22” ammunition.

Steps for mounting scope on a Browning SA-22:

  1. Place the rifle in a gun vise, on a table, or in another safe/secure area, with the head of the receiver facing up. Use rags or other cushioning to protect the finish.
  1. You must have a corresponding one-piece type foundation and screws that are the proper length.
  1. Remove any oil, grease, or dirt from the barrel and scope base pieces.
  1. Replace the rear sight by putting the rifle in a gun vise or on a cushioned bench. Using a wood or fiber dowel and a non-marring hammer, carefully tap the sight base at the dovetail from left to right until the sight is dislodged from the barrel.
  1. Using a tiny, thin-bladed gunsmithing screwdriver, replace the filler screws first from the top of the barrel.
  1. Place the base on top of the barrel.
  1. Put screws of the necessary length through the base to verify adequate thread contact, then screw them into the barrel with the appropriate tool. To avoid stripping the barrel threads, ensure that the screw threads correctly connect to the barrel threads.

To ensure that the screws stay tight, many gunsmiths apply a drop of replaceable thread locking compound.

  1. Tighten the nuts tightly but not excessively.
  1. Install your scope rings and scope according to the directions that came with your scope rings and/or scope. Always ensure that you have adequate eye relief.
  1. Always use a suitable base for the gun and the proper length screws to avoid gun damage.

Best Scope Mount For Browning SA-22

Is the Browning SA-22 a reliable rifle?

This rifle is ideal for the outdoors, and the classic design still functions admirably. If you want to shoot plink quickly, a magazine-fed 10/22 is the way to go. You will not be disappointed with this Browning if you want a classic, accurate .22 rabbit pistol.

What is the capacity of a Browning SA-22?

The SA-22 may only be used with 22 Long Rifle rimfire ammo, as specified on the barrel. The magazine has a capacity of eleven 22 Long Rifle rounds.

Is it possible to mount a sight on a semi-automatic rifle?

Many flexible high-power scopes are available with current tactical features and complex reticles, proven to be quite useful on bigger caliber semi-automatic weapons and DMRs requiring long-range capabilities

Is a scope required on a 22?

A 3-4x scope is all that’s truly needed at 100 yards to get the maximum accuracy out of a 22 whenever shot from a repose or prone position. You could increase this to 8-9x, but it is up to you and your child. You also do not require something tough enough to withstand the kick of a 10GA shotgun.

What size scope is appropriate for a 22?

22lr rifles operate well with 3x to 19x scopes for shooting targets ranging from tiny to large. The objective of selecting this range is to guarantee that the sight screen is clear enough to take a rapid shot for a squirrel or small game hunting. In reality, the most commonly suggested power ranges are 4-12x or 3-9x.


You’ve almost definitely spent a significant amount of time and thought on the matter of purchasing an air rifle before parting with your hard-earned money. You’ve undoubtedly thought about scopes as well.

Air rifle scope mounts are essential because they connect your weapon to your sighting system. If they are incorrect, your air rifle will not be nearly as precise as you desire. Hope you have got the necessary information for the scope mounting on your browning sa-22. Have fun and enjoy!

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