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 Scope rings are an essential part of the rifle setup, as they provide a secure mounting point for the scope and allow for proper eye relief. With so many different types of scope rings available, it can be difficult to determine which ones are best for the 50 BMG. This article will discuss the various types of scope rings available, as well as the features to look for when selecting the best scope rings.

Best Scope Rings for 50 BMG

Vortex Optics Tactical 30mm Riflescope Rings

These rings are machined from aircraft grade aluminum, making them lightweight and strong. The rings are anodized for a matte black finish, providing a sleek and professional look. 

The rings feature a 4 screw per cap design for maximum security and stability, making them ideal for tactical and long range shooting. The rings also feature a recoil lug which helps to absorb the shock of recoil and reduce the risk of damage to your scope..

What type of mounting system does the Vortex Optics Rings use?

The Vortex Optics Rings use a Picatinny rail mounting system.

Are the Vortex Optics Tactical Rings compatible with Picatinny-style bases?

Yes, Vortex Rings are compatible with Picatinny-style bases.

Does the Vortex Optics Rings come with mounting hardware?

Yes, the Vortex Rings come with mounting hardware.

Modkin Scope Rings

These scope rings are made from high quality aluminum alloy and feature a matte black anodized finish for a professional look. The rings are designed to fit Picatinny rails and are easy to install. 

They are also lightweight, making them ideal for long-range shooting. The rings are also adjustable, allowing you to perfectly adjust the height of your scope for optimal performance. Additionally, the rings feature a locking mechanism to keep your scope secure and in place. 

What type of rail do Modkin Scope Rings fit?

Modkin Scope Rings fit on Picatinny Rails (1 inch).

Are Modkin Scope Rings compatible with all rifle scopes?

No, Modkin Scope Rings are only compatible with Picatinny Rails.

How many scope rings come in the set?

US Tactical Systems Steel and Large Caliber Scope Rings 

The rings are made from aircraft-grade steel and feature a double width construction for maximum strength and durability. The rings have a low profile design to ensure a comfortable fit and are compatible with most standard scope bases.

 The rings also feature a unique locking mechanism which ensures that your optics will stay securely mounted even under the harshest of conditions. The rings also feature a unique knurled finish which provides a secure grip when adjusting the scope. 

The rings are also designed to accept most standard scope caps and provide a secure fit. 

What type of steel is used in Large Caliber Scope Rings?

The steel used in Scope Rings is high-grade steel alloy.

How many rings come in the US Tactical Systems Scope Rings set?

The US Large Caliber Scope Rings set includes two rings.

Is the US Tactical Systems Rings compatible with other scope models?

No, the Large Caliber Scope Rings are not compatible with other scope models.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Scope Rings for 50 BMG

1. Durability

The rings must be able to handle the recoil of the large caliber round and remain in place during repeated firing. The rings should be constructed of a material that is strong and corrosion resistant, such as aluminum or stainless steel. 

The rings should also be designed to securely attach the scope to the weapon without any slippage or movement. Additionally, the rings should have secure locking mechanisms, such as cross bolts or locking screws, to ensure the scope remains firmly attached to the weapon.

2. Adjustability

The rings should be able to be tightened or loosened to achieve the desired fit. Additionally, the rings should be able to be adjusted in height to ensure the scope is positioned correctly in relation to the rifle.

3. Compatibility

It will list the various types of scope rings that are compatible with a BMG rifle, including the type of mount, the size of the rings, and the type of base. It will also list any additional information that is necessary for compatibility, such as the type of recoil lug or the size of the scope tube. 

Additionally, it will provide information on the various materials that are available for scope rings, such as aluminum or steel, and any other special features that may be available. 

4. Mounting Options

The most common mounting options are Weaver, Picatinny, and dovetail. Weaver rings are a two-piece design that clamps onto the rifle’s rail system. Picatinny rings are a one-piece design that clamps onto the rifle’s rail system. 

Dovetail rings are a two-piece design that clamps onto the rifle’s dovetail rail system. It is important to make sure that the rings match the type of rail system on the rifle. Additionally, the rings should be compatible with the scope’s mounting system.

5. Clamping Strength

Clamping strength refers to the ability of the rings to hold the scope securely in place on a firearm. The higher the clamping strength, the more secure the scope will be.

 When selecting scope rings, it is important to make sure that the rings have a high clamping strength rating. This will ensure that the scope stays securely in place and does not move when firing the rifle. 

Additionally, it is important to make sure that the rings are made from high-quality materials that can stand up to the powerful recoil of the 50 BMG.

6. Alignment

The feature will include a list of the top-rated scope rings on the market, as well as detailed reviews and ratings for each product. The feature will also include an easy-to-use alignment tool that will help users find the perfect scope ring for their rifle. 

The alignment tool will take into account the size of the rifle, the type of optics being used, and the user’s budget to recommend the best scope rings for their needs. Additionally, the feature will provide helpful tips and advice on how to properly install and adjust the scope rings.

7. Weight

Heavier rings will provide a more stable platform for the scope, but may add too much weight to the rifle. Lighter rings may be easier to carry, but may not provide the same level of stability. 

Look for scope rings that are made from high-quality materials and have a strong, durable construction. Consider the number of screws used to secure the rings to the rifle and the type of mounting system used. Make sure the rings are compatible with the type of scope you are using and the type of rifle you have.

8. Finish

Look for rings that are made of high-grade materials such as aircraft-grade aluminum or steel. Additionally, look for rings that are designed to be corrosion-resistant and waterproof for maximum durability.

9. Price

Generally, scope rings will range from $20-$200. Higher quality rings may cost more, and larger sizes may also cost more. It is important to consider the price when looking for the best scope rings.

10. Warranty

Our scope rings come with a lifetime warranty. If any part of the scope rings ever fail due to a manufacturing defect, we will replace the part at no cost to the customer.

Final Words

The best scope rings are those that are designed specifically for the 50 BMG rifle. They should be made of high-quality materials and be designed to handle the recoil of the 50 BMG. The rings should also be adjustable to fit different scope sizes and provide a secure fit. With the right scope rings, you can ensure that your scope is securely mounted and ready for use.

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